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  • Marina Beach attracts the beach lovers from all over the world. Being the longest urban beach of India, Marina Beach one of the popular beach destinations in the world. Located in Chennai, one of the four metros of India the Marina Beach is visited by its lovers every day. If you are in search of a sandy beach to relax and enjoy in your beach holidays, the Marina Beach in Chennai is the perfect choice. To watch the rough and wavy sea is to explore nature in her exquisite form.

    What to do at the Marina Beach?

    When you are at the Marina Beach you are enjoying to the fullest. A nice walking or jogging along the sandy Marina Beach in morning is equally refreshing as to view the sea from the beach. However, swimming and bathing are not allowed at the Marina Beach.

    You can step out for the artificial water fountain that was made on the Marina Beach. The park at the beach is also worthy to visit. To explore the fresh-water and sea fishes in their unique way you can head towards the aquarium. The swimming pool near the beach is also visited by the tourists. You can get a stunning panoramic view of Chennai if you visit the southern end of the Marina Beach. The Light House at the southern end draws the tourists who want to get the unique view of Chennai during night.

    Enjoy the local foods when you are at Marina Beach:

    You can find several eating options during your tour to Marina Beach. The local dishes will give you the essence of the south Indian delicacies. You can also taste different types of south Indian and local snack when enjoying your time at Marina Beach.

    Where to stay at Marina Beach?

    Chennai being one of the four major cities of India offers several good options of lodging and dining. You can go for the hotels that suit your taste as well as your budget. If you prefer to spend your beach holidays in India in luxury way, you can move for the luxury and 5 star hotels. The 4 and 3 star hotels are also favorites for their leisure options.

    If you have to keep care about your pocket, you can find the cheap hotels located at the vicinity of the Marina Beach. Well lodging, airy rooms, good foods along with fine fare make the cheap hotels in Chennai favorites to the travelers.

    Beaches have their own attraction. To sooth, relax, repose, or to romance – beaches are unique and best for all purposes. So, if you are going to plan your holidays in India, you should list the beaches in your travel book. So, a romantic holiday or a refreshing travel – the Marina Beach always attracts its lovers by its own beauty. You can find your tour to Marina Beach worthy. So, refresh, rejuvenate, and live your days when you are at the Marina Beach.

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