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  • As a child, I remember visiting the panoramic and enchanting Kaziranga National Park with my parents. I have always loved Assam and its cultural richness. My father belonged to the famed 6 Assam regiment, and, as such, I have always had a soft corner for the Rhino- the symbol of strength and valor- a name synonymous with the regiment! There is no place else in India where one can see the one horned Rhino in its most glorious forms other than the Kaziranga National Park. Declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, the national park is a paradise for those that want to experience nature at its best. Spread across an area of 429.40 sq km, the park is located in Nagaon and Golaghat districts with a huge number of flora and fauna. A part of Project Tiger, it houses a good population tigers, not to forget, the one horned Rhinoceros that is the highlight of the park. Bird watchers congregate here to see Storks, Imperial Eagles, Pelicans and Herons that breed here in large numbers.

    One Horned Rhino - Kaziranga National Park

    History of Kaziranga

    The Kaziranga National Park was given the stature of a forest reserve in the year 1905, though, the population of tigers kept dwindling because of poaching and hunting. It was in the year 1974 that it was accredited the status of a national park and all hunting games were banned here officially.

    The park became a known destination among the British officers and ladies. Mention may be made of Lady Curzon who was left enthralled with the park’s beauty, when, on a tour and opposed vehemently to the hunting games organized at random. On her initiation, the park was banned for hunting in the year 1926.

    The year 2006 was an important landmark in the history of the park as it was declared as a Tiger Reserve for greatest density of tiger population. Animals like Elephants, Swamp Deer and Wild Water Buffalo are commonly seen. It is a great example of a rich biodiversity as one can really witness a large variety of trees and plantations not seen anywhere but here. The UNESCO has taken the initiative to maintain the many marshlands, tropical forests, wide leaf trees and the tall elephant grasses, with its many donations and projects.

    Festivals of Kaziranga

    The Kaziranga National Park is visited by many domestic tourists every year who come here to witness the famous Elephant Festival that is organized with the main aim to promote knowledge and awareness regarding the protection and conservation of Elephants among the general public.

    Elephants - Kaziranga National Park

    Places To Visit In Kaziranga

    1. Panbari Reserve Forest: want to see the beautiful Crested Goshawk, the Great Indian Hornbill and other such exotic bird species? Visit this forest reserve as it is an abode of these rare species that are not found anywhere else in huge numbers. This reserve is located in the district of Golaghat and is quite close to Kaziranga. One can take the help of guides that can help them discover many unchartered areas of the reserve and can be hired from the small shops and agencies that run at the base known as Kohara. The highland forest is spread across an area of 10 sq km and is home to the Speckled Piculet, Pied Falconet and Crow Billed Drongo. With a panoramic view of the Numaligarh Tea Estate, the reserve offers a great weekend getaway for the tired soul.

    2. Deoparbat Ruins: the remains or ruins of the temple attract many visitors that throng this place for its sheer architectural delight- the ruined statues of gods and goddesses. It is situated atop a hill located about 5 km from Numaligarh Tea Estate and offers a breathtaking view of the same. Tourists can also take a journey to the hill top just to see the beautiful serene environs of the Karbi Anglong hills.

    Nearby Places

    There are some beautiful not so known places that can also be covered, namely:

    1. Kalyani Mandir: frankly, there is nothing spectacular about this temple, however, tourists can take a day tour and visit the temple dedicated to Goddess Kalyani. It is located in Dipora and is an average tourist spot.

    2. Madhabdev Thaan: famous for its huge collection of ancient manuscripts and holy books, the magnificent thaan or place of preservation, as, we would call it in English is located in a village called Letekupukhuri.

    Best Time To Visit Kaziranga

    Tourists are recommended that they visit the park during November and April when the authorities organize elephant safaris and many campfires. Rainy season is to be avoided as there are not many activities that can be done in rains. The climate would be humid and sticky.

    How To Reach Kaziranga

    By rail:

    Nearest rail station is at Guwahati and one has to take buses from here.

    By air:

    Tezpur houses the nearest airport and is located about 60 km . There are direct flights from Kolkata.

    By road:

    Local buses ply between Guwahati and Tezpur that take you to Kaziranga National Park. Tourists can also take private taxis to reach the park.

    The serene atmosphere, the sylvan greens , the tall highlands, amidst the mighty Brahmaputra River and the rain kissed marshlands, all provide a change from the humdrum of daily city life and gives a chance to get lost in the utopian world-devoid of materialism and chaos.

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