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  • The famed Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer are located here. Confused? Well, those who have visited Jog Falls would definitely know what these names mean. For those that haven’t had the opportunity to visit it yet, let me enlighten you that these are not the names of people or places, in fact these are the beautiful cascades or streams that make their way into the Jog Falls.

    Jog Falls

    Touted as the highest waterfall in the entire country, the Jog Falls is located in Karnataka in Shimoga Taluka and attracts thousands of domestic tourists who come here to witness the majestic cascading water of the Shravathi River, flowing down regally into what we know as Jog Falls. With ‘foamish’ white water rushing down the steep incline, the falls offer you a breathtaking view. Such is the speed and volume of the water that you are bound to get wet simply by standing outside its perimeters. The locals call it Gerusoppe Falls. Offering a beautiful backdrop, the falls attract the film fraternity to shoot many of their Kannad movies.

    Tourists flock here, especially during monsoons when the river is in full bloom, however lots of accidents do happen during this time. Jog Falls is also a paradise for nature seekers who come here to take part in trekking expeditions and camping. There are many places that are worth visiting when on a trip to Jog Falls such as the small town of Sagara that is visited by pilgrims who come here to offer their prayers to the deities placed at Marikamba and Mahaganapati Temples. The place becomes a hub for pilgrim activities each April. Keladi is a small town located near Sagara and houses the famous Shiva Temple, famous for collections of rare and ancient manuscripts. Mostly, a temple town, Sagara entertains leisure tourists as well.

    Marikamba Temple

    Jog Falls is best visited during the rainy months when the river appears massive and out of control. Tourists can reach this place by bus, car, rail or by air. For those that wish to take a flight can catch it from the Mangalore Airport, located about 200 km from Jog Falls. The train travelers from Bangalore can board their trains at Bangalore city Station or cantonment railway station to reach the local rail head in Shimoga. The station is well connected by many trains that ply daily between Bangalore and Shimoga. Travelers from Mysore too can reach Jog Falls easily. Buses, too, ply in large numbers during the tourist seasons. Bus stations are located in Shimoga, Bangalore and Mysore.

    As far as accommodation preferences are concerned, the destination is abundant with many kinds of hotels like guesthouses, luxury hotels, lodges and mid range hotels. Most of the bigger groups have all kinds of facilities, though; tourists have to book their rooms in advance.

    One should definitely visit Jog Falls since there isn’t a place as fabulous as this. Seeing it through a writer’s eyes is one thing, but viewing it in person is a different and much more exhilarating experience altogether.

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