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  • Kerala…hmmm…the pungent smell of coconut chutney….the delectable sea food (gosh…How can I not mention about the tasty and wickedly devilish meen moilee?) and the breathtaking green backwaters…..Could there be anything more that could be served to you on a platter when you visit Kerala? Well, check out the list containing the top 10 must to do activities that should not be missed:

    1. A visit to Periyar National Park

    If, on a voyage to Kerala, you cannot afford to miss visiting the beautiful and serene Periyar wildlife sanctuary- an abode of the great Indian elephant and different species of birds and reptiles. Come and get the experience of a lifetime when you board the jetty that takes you on a cruise on the Periyar River and offers you magnificent views of wildlife living in their natural best!

    2. A visit to Kumily Town

    Kumily is the quintessential town that is home to some exotic varieties of spices and is the entry point to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, one can indulge in buying spices to his or her heart’s content. Tourists from all over the globe come here to buy souvenirs and mementos too. The spices sold here are cheap.


    3. Watch how the local fishermen do fishing using the famous Chinese Fishing nets

    A visit to Kerala is deemed incomplete if tourists forego watching the beautiful spectacle that offers a glimpse on the daily lives of the local fisherman community. Viewing the sunset and sunrise with a silhouette of various colours forms a delicious backdrop!

    4. Visit Matancherry – the small ‘spicy’ town of Jew merchants

    Mattancherry Island is the home of Jews who settled here many centuries ago and have built businesses, most of them selling spices and wooden crafts. The Jewish Synagogue is worth a watch and shouldn’t be missed.

    5. Dive into the massive food fare

    Never mind you are a non veg or a vegan. Kerala offers all kinds of tasty fare for all. Some dishes worth trying are prawn curry with appam, idli, dosai, sambhar, puttu maslaa and meat stews. For vegans, there is the famous veg stew to satiate their gastronomical senses.

    6. Live life king size in a typical ‘Keralite’ houseboat

    The backwaters of Kerala are perfect to roam the entire width and length of the countryside.

    7. Drink the naturally sweetened coconut water

    Kerala is famed for its coconut trees and one has to taste the magical nectar that comes out of the unripe coconut fruit.

    8. Get an Ayurvedic massage done

    Visit the exotic meditation and ayurvedic centers, all offering different kinds of massages by world renowned masseurs.

    9. Sip a hot ‘cuppa’ of morning tea

    Kerala tea plantations produce some of the best quality tea and tourists must stop over at one of the tea shops , also called Thattukada that sell hot and flavored tea.

    10. Attend the famous snake boat race

    The Nehru Cup is held every year in the backwaters of Kerala. The famous boat race attracts thousands from all across the globe.

    Snake Boat Race

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