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  • Don’t you feel we should chuck the circuses and zoos, instead, should travel to some exotic wildlife sanctuaries that India is famous for? These sanctuaries serve as great educational and entertainment medium for children and adults alike. Come take a look at the top 8 Indian Wildlife Safaris to rock your world:

    1. Corbett Tiger Reserve

    Once an abode of the famed ‘Maneater’ to be killed by Jim Corbett, the reserve is a site for project tiger and is home to about 600 species of birds, tigers. March to June are the best months to visit when tigers roam about freely.

    Hotels: The Camp Forktail Creek is an eco jungle camp

    2. Ranthambore National Park

    Lying about 111 miles from Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, Ranthambore park was a former princely reserve for game hunting and is widely visited by foreign as well as domestic tourists for its tigers, jackals, wild boars and various species of deer, especially the spotted deer. There are various ruins and temples that offer you a unique experience.

    Best time to visit: November to May.

    Hotels: There is the Oberoi Vanyavilas that offers you various kinds of facilities and is grand in appearance.

    Ranthambore National Park

    3. Hemis National Park

    The one and only sanctuary that offers you the chance to watch the majestic Snow Leopard in its natural best is the Hemis Park located in Ladhak and is 30 miles from Leh.

    Best time to visit: Between May to June

    Hotels: KarmaQuest Ecotourism camping sites are offered at reasonable rates.

    4. Kanha National Park

    The park is located 75 kilometers from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh and is home to swap deer, tigers, leopards and golden jackals.

    Best time to visit: Between March and June.

    Hotels: Kiplong Camp with its cottages offers you a nice experience.

    5. Sasan Gir

    The state of Gujarat houses the majestic Asiatic Lions, the only place in India to boast of such achievement. Gir is home to leopards and other animals.

    Best time to visit: December to April.

    Hotels: Taj Hotel Gir Lodge offers you with the best of facilities in lush green locales.

    Gir National Park

    6. Bandhavgarh

    Located 122 km from Jabalpur, the Bandhavgarh National Park is home to tigers and leopards. Tourists can visit the park from April to June when animal sightings are common and frequent. There are many hotels available like the Mahua Kothi.

    7. Kaziranga National Park

    Home to the famed one horned rhinoceros, Kaziranga is about 670 miles from Kolkata. It is located in the state of Assam. Other animals like elephants, deer, boar, beer and reptiles can be seen. The best time to visit is before April when animals can be spotted often. Hotels are available in plenty.

    One Horned Rhino - Kaziranga National Park

    8. Periyar

    The 192,000 acre sanctuary in Kerala is home to giant Malabar squirrels and elephants. Other animals like deer, beer and birds can be sighted as well. September and December are the best months to visit. Periyar is abundant in hotels of all budgets and pockets.

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