• Family Holidays To Goa

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    Goa is a culturally rich holiday spot great for any family. With a constantly transitioning history, a diverse culture, beautiful beaches, and delicious cuisine, it is a Directline holiday spot that can please everyone in your family. The History Goa is a small state in west India that began as a Portuguese colony more than 400 years ago. Goa played a major role in European and Indian trade routes. This attracted many influential people and provoked a culture of … read more…

    Top 10 Best Campsites in India

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    Kareri Lake Camp

    Camping is a fun activity for everyone. Whether you’re with family and friends or flying solo; whether you’re someone who loves nature and the outdoors or someone who simply wants to try something new, camping will surely give you an experience that you’re unlikely to forget. In India, there is a rising trend for great campsites near popular trekking spots. Here is a list of the top camp sites that India has to offer. 1. The Tsomoriri Camp, Ladakh … read more…

    Top 10 things to do in Darjeeling

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    Darjeeling has always been, well, the ‘darling’ among India’s locals and tourists alike – for a very good reason. Its beautiful hills, situated amid a collection of majestic snowy mountains, certainly entice people to spend their summer vacation in this culturally and historically abundant town of Darjeeling. But Darjeeling is certainly not just a beautiful place – it is jam-packed with fun activities and adventures as well! Here’s a list of top 10 things that you simply have to … read more…

    Travel tips for the 2013 international travelers

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    Travel tips for 2013 international travelers

    The year 2013 is almost halfway done! Did you spend any of the past few months travelling somewhere? If you haven’t, well it is never too late to get that passport of yours stamped and those suitcases rolling. But before anything else, here’s a list of (un)solicited travel tips that we prepared especially for you. After all, international travels can get anywhere between great and messy, and what separates the former from the latter is how prepared you are … read more…

    Top Seven Essential Treks in the Himalayas

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    Annapurna Range

    Millions of years ago, the earth gave way to what would become the largest, highest, and arguably one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the entire world: the Himalayas. And for hundreds of years now, the mountain range of Himalaya has been captivating the eyes and the hearts of trekkers from all around the world. And though it is fairly easy to get overwhelmed by the many different sights to see and places to be, you’d be glad … read more…

    Top 10 Off-Beat Destinations in India

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    Orchha Palace

    India’s potential as a great tourist destination is endless. It offers a great variety of amazing places to be such as beaches, mountain trails, resorts, rainforests, deserts, historical infrastructure, and even villages that contain India’s rich and diverse culture. So whether you’re one for traditional tourist hotspots or you want something off-the-path, surely there’s enough places in India to satisfy your wants. Here we list 10 off-beat destinations that you simply must see while you’re in India. Enjoy! 1. … read more…

    Top Seven Indian Destinations to Visit In Monsoon

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    When planning your travel itineraries, it’s important to consider the overall season to which your trip will fall under, as you’ll need to plan your activities to be appropriate for the season. After all, who needs to go to the beach during monsoon season? Speaking of monsoon, it is known that India gets filled with water as torrential amounts of rain pours down from the heavens from June to September. Now you might think that this will be a … read more…

    Top 10 places in India for Scuba Diving

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    Coral Reefs in Goa

    Scuba diving is a kind of underwater diving wherein divers are geared up with a scuba set so they could breathe properly at the bottom of the sea. To explore the water bed and marine life extensively, scuba divers have to carry their own breathing equipment, such as gas cylinders or compressed air, to stay underwater for a longer duration. Since, scuba divers have to move extensively underwater to explore the marine life; they need some external propulsion, which … read more…

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